Human White Noise Machine (MP3)

Sample track from forthcoming People of the North album

The psychedelics are confirmed at about two minutes in, when echoed vocals warble and waft and turn back on themselves, like some ancient recording-session outtake from a forgotten Led Zeppelin album. Until then it is all tumult and sporadic drumming, and after as well. What it is is “Drama Class”from People of the North, off the Sub Contra album, due out June 11 from Thrill Jockey. The band is an offshoot of Oneida, featuring that group’s Kid Millions (drums) and Bobby Matador (“keyboard, synth, vocals”) and various guests, all apparently also from Oneida. The track in question has the slow head-bobbing drone-ness of doom metal, even as the percussion brings to mind something European and free improvisatory. It’s maximalism, writ small, like a human-powered white-noise machine.

Track originally posted for free download at More on the album at More from the crew at, the rare band website is beautiful enough to make you bypass your RSS reader once in awhile.

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