Duane Eddy Meets Robert Moog (MP3)

A dense guitar spectacle from Babel Ensemble

The opening strum is pure Duane Eddy, the deep swelling rumble that summons up vast empty geographic spaces, but the way the tremulous tone continues to reverberate sounds more like something out of Robert Moog’s workshop. That wavering in Babel Ensemble’s “MD13Xc2” is thick, robust, and on a short cycle, and as it proceeds it veers back and forth between melodic component and rhythm. Slowly the guitar overlays gain collective density. They don’t obscure each other so much as lend increasing depth — the original tones sound further away, as if with each step the guitarist leaves early chords churning in place in the ever-receding distance.


Track originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/babel_ensemble. Babel Ensemble is a project of Jakob Rehlinger, who is based in Toronto, Canada. Thanks to the excellent listener who goes by Roamin (roamin.ca for having drawn my attention to this track by reposting it on Soundcloud.

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