Reading Between the Remixes (MP3)

A Heathered Pearls rendition of Solar Year's "Lines"

Remixes are a great way to hear the original in new context. It is perhaps as close as we can get — at least in advance of Google Earmuffs — to hearing through someone else’s ears. And if listening to multiple remixes of one song bring out elements in that original work that you might not have previously paid attention to, listening to multiple remixes by one artist of multiple other artists brings out common elements, giving you a sense of what the remixer listens for.

As in yesterday’s featured track here, a Heathered Pearls remix of an slow industrial rock song by Dirty Beaches, a Pearls reworking of electronic pop likewise emphasizes the lush spaciousness that in the original is merely one element among many. The original in this case is “Lines” by Solar Year. It is slow-motion electronica with echoes of Erasure and Depeche Mode. Gone in the Pearls edit is the robot shuffle and the aching angelic vocal, and in their place is pure sound bed, a shifting cumulus of soft tones.

For comparison, there’s a video of the original version, off the album Waverly, due out in late June, here:

Track originally posted for free download at Heathered Pearls is Jakub Alexander. Solar Year is David Ertel (that’s his voice) and Ben Borden. More on Solar Year at and the releasing record label,

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