Circle Round Berlin as if with Tilda Swinton

An audio document(ary) by Simon Fisher Turner


When the 2009 film The Invisible Frame was being made, Simon Fisher Turner did some field recordings of the production. The movie, by director Cynthia Beatt, follows Tilda Swinton as she bikes around Berlin — literally around Berlin, in that she is following the path that had once been the Berlin Wall. Writes Turner of his part of the project: “I shot the sound as they filmed and every evening I made a new piece from the day’s rushes. We went to many locations around the invisible wall and its remains. For about an hour I was allowed to wander unsupervised and recorded whatever I wanted. This recording is an edited version of the master.” The recording he mentions is his contribution to the great Touch Radio podcast. His is the 99th in the series. It’s about half an hour of industrial noise, aural signs of life where there had once been an armed silence (MP3).

[audio:|titles=”The Invisible Frame”|artists=Simon Fisher Turner]

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