The Sound of Heavy Metal Melting

Another broadcast from Gateshead, England's Radio Free Ul-quoma

Given how many drones there are on SoundCloud, the music repository could use more drone rock — more solo chordal dirge guitar work to complement the abstract harmonic textures. More things like “Subsidence” by Radio Free Ul-quoma. Yes, it sounds like Black Sabbath drained of its blood, like Sunn O))) in a particularly reflective mood, like Earth tuning up for a memorial service. And yes, at 6:50, it could be several times longer with no complaints. It’s enjoyably meditative, the sound of heavy metal melting.

Track originally posted for free download at Radio Free Ul-quoma is Andrew Gladstone-Heighton of Gateshead, England. His SoundCloud account leaves no further Internet mailing address.

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