A Texan’s Memory of Paris in the Rain

Denton-based Old Clone revisits a rainy day

The muffled chords and elongated melody, the recording of rails and the hushed drone like a thick cloud cover, the almost intelligible conversation, the laughs of people who aren’t you — all this combines in Old Clone’s “Concorde” for a majestic, nostalgia-rich reverie. Old Clone describes it in a brief liner note as being “based on my memory of paris and europe, and in particular, a rainy day when i went to the concorde stop.” The rain in the end is what truly distinguishes the track, how it reveals itself in the closing seconds, having lingered there all along amid the fragmented source material.

Track originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/oldclone. More from Old Clone, who is based in Denton, Texas, at oldclone.bandcamp.com.

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