Mark Rushton’s Podscast

The background of a Junto project

The Iowa City, Iowa”“based musician Mark Rushton regularly publishes an ambient podcast worth addition to whatever service you happen to utilize. His podcast, in which he posts his music and gives some context for its creation, is located at He also talks a bit from time to time about the medium through which his music is distributed, providing insights from his own experience about SoundCloud, Pandora, and other subjects. His most recent podcast entry, number 64, happens to take as its focus the track he recorded for a recent Disquiet Junto project, in which three minutes of everyday noise are juxtaposed, from one stereo channel to the next, with a lightly transformed version of the source material. The track is posted at and available directly as an MP3. And here’s the isolated track he produced for the Junto project:

More from Rushton at

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