Kid606 in a Aphex Mood

Or at least a relaxed one

“One Unchanging Constant in My World of Variables” by Kid606 could almost be a slowed-down cover version of Aphex Twin’s “Domino,” off Selected Ambient Works Volume II. It has the same rounded staccato, bubbly minimalism, the same pop pointillism, the same bubblegum Philip Glass/Steve Reich appeal. Kid606’s take on the material is even more sedate than Aphex Twin’s — in the brief accompanying note he says, simply, “feeling relaxed” — and the piece gains, as it proceeds, an underlying drone. In different circumstances that drone would be heard as the foundation of the piece, but here it is just apart enough from the percussive melodic material that it provides a source of tension, of distance.

Track originally posted earlier this week at More from Kid606, aka Miguel De Pedro, who is based in Los Angeles, at and

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