Beats Within Beats

A new track from Tokyo's Hideyuki Kuromiya

This track, “hb22,” by Hideyuki Kuromiya is best experienced on repeat. It’s a beat, intended for looping and layering. So many fine elements comprise the beat: the quick little inhale, the bits of surface noise, the up’n’down of the wood-block”“like percussion, the pause every few repeats, the little glitch within that pause. And within each of those elements are more elements. The voice has its own meter, an up’n’down that parallels the main beat. The little glitch within that pause is followed by a textured thud, a bit like a little rewind, or a needle hitting vinyl. With each repeat the beats within the beats become more and more clear, and then there are the beats within those. Dig in.

Track originally posted for free download at More from Kuromiya, who is based in Tokyo, Japan, at

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