An Unnerving Slice of Collage Sound Design

From Japan-based Shtialictem

An unnerving slice of collage sound design arrives from Japan-based Shtialictem: “sh ti a &&. 567(7)” is two and a half minutes of ringing drones, fragments of speech, animal noise, and sweeping static, just to name a few choice elements. The key to it isn’t, of course, those — and other — individual elements so much as how they’re layered and sequenced, how rattling percussion, just to focus on one example, gives way to short-wave humming in a manner that seems random and alarming on first listen, but whose considered structure becomes evident on repeat. This is jarring work.

Track posted for free download at Found via a repost on SoundCloud by Magnitâ–²rus of Johannesburg, South Africa

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