Play It in a Quiet Room

Listening to FernLodege from Prince Edward Island, Canada

All fog horn hum, echoed up a synthesized coast, and wind, here in the form of light static, “At Winter’s End” by FernLodge is the sonic equivalent of a Polaroid photo that’s seen better days. The piece captures a moment, and yet the story it tells seems less that of its immediate subject, and more of what’s come of the object in the intervening years. It’s worn down, and weary, and all the more memorable for just how ephemeral it is. This is a beautiful track that will get lost in most everyday listening settings. Play it in a quiet room.

FernLodge is Joe Millar, who is from Prince Edward Island, Canada. The piece is one of seven that make up sommerhus, his album on the Game of Life label. Track originally posted for free download at Full album at

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