Louche Minimalism

A new track from Japan's Corruption

It’s fairly clear that the individual known as Corruption is just that, an individual. However, given the sheer breadth, not to mention the amount, of material that surfaces on the Corruption SoundCloud account, it would be just as easy to assume it’s a label, or a collective. In any case, while Corruption is generally the go-to account for a mix of industrial urban noise and abstract field recordings, there are also occasional bits of louche, even pop-minded downtempo activity. Such is “when all will be forgotten and gone,” a track that went live in the past few days. The title is attributed to Hans Christian Andersen’s “Billedbog uden Billeder.” The constituent parts are a circular drum riff beneath a pattern of glistening tones, like Philip Glass or Tangerine Dream at their most hypnotic playing out on wine glasses, and then sampled within an inch of their sonic lives.

Corruption is based in Funabashi, Japan. More at corruption-scrapbook.tumblr.com.

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