Premonition of Snow

A seasonal drone by Norway-based Havdis

The artist Havdis, of Nordland, Norway, has committed to tape nine-plus minutes of seasonal gloom. “Withering in Snow” is all moaning digital organs cut through occasionally by shards that glisten. The whole thing echoes into the distance, where it is consumed by the dark. A wind slowly forms, while the music ebbs and flows, ebbs and flows, the air current making a frigid ocean of the surroundings.

The track, originally posted at, originates from 2013, and the upload is about a year old, but I just came across it this week thanks to a repost on SoundCloud by Birgit Jauernig of Vienna, Austria ( It’s an extended version, about twice the length, of a Havdis track that appeared on a massive free holiday-music compilation, Petroglyph Music – The X-mas Compilation 2013. More from Havdis at

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