Two More Ambient Pieces from Aphex Twin

Their layered waveforms bring Selected Ambient Works Volume III closer to reality


Aphex Twin’s account has waned and waxed in recent weeks. It hovered around 250 total tracks for quite awhile, then dipped down to 236 — which specific tracks disappeared wasn’t entirely clear — and now it’s back up to a high of 260. Among those newer tracks are two particularly ambient pieces: “4 Voice Solo 1 Teac” and “4 Voice Solo 2 Teac.”

Both are simple sequences of layered waveforms, very reminiscent of the gentler moments of Selected Ambient Works Volume II. They’re the first in awhile that felt like natural companions to the earlier 11 pieces from user18081971 that I’ve been compiling as part of a prospective Selected Ambient Works Volume III beta album:

Tracks originally posted at More on my ongoing Selected Ambient Works Volume III beta playlist.

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