The Tonal Rhythms of Vladimir Conch

Five short pieces, intended for shuffle play

Vladimir Conch has posted five short pieces of what might best be thought of as tonal rhythms. “Bits,” he calls them — more specifically, they are “bit1” through “bit5,” four of the pieces under 28 seconds in length, and the outlier (“bit4”) an extravagant 38 seconds. SoundCloud, where they’re hosted, allows for putting an individual track on repeat, but not a playlist. Fortunately they’re all available for download, so drop them into your favorite audio player and set them on random: “bit1” is Mark Snow’s idea of a video-game cue; “bit2” is downright aquatic; “bit3” is a short, playful little riff, a Bernard Herrmann lullaby; “bit4” is like a kettle hit in Pauline Oliveros’ basement, the reverberation hard and long; and “bit5” has a unique echo that seems to overwhelm the initial beat.

Tracks originally posted for free download at More from Conch at,, and I made the playlist, which is at

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