Hide and Seek with Aphex Twin

A trio of Selected Ambient Works Volume II—era tracks surface.

Richard D. James had, briefly, emptied out his alter-ego user18081971 SoundCloud account, but he’s been slowly turning tracks back on (their backdates remain, suggesting he isn’t deleting tracks, just turing them private, as part of an ongoing game of sonic hide and seek), and better yet uploading new ones. New old ones, that is, as the user18081971 account has consistently provided a peek into his archive — an archive long the subject of speculation and electronica myth.

What’s great about the recent haul is that much of it relates to his classic Selected Ambient Works Volume II album. The track “harmonium” is an alternate take of “Radiator,” or track 2 off SAW2, the see-saw melody augmented by an understated beat and some pneumatic, dubby white noise:

And “harmonicom 13” is another take on “Radiator,” even more beat-heavy than “harmonicom”:

The track “modal 10” is a variation — a fairly light one — on “Domino,” the bouncy penultimate track on side one of the two-sided version of the album.

It’s worth noting that all three tracks are the same length or within a couple seconds of the length of the originals. Tracks first posted at soundcloud.com/user18081971.

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