Japanese Tufts and Flares

Hirotaka Shirotsubaki, from a split release with Sleepland

The beautiful track “Kalte Luft,”German for “cold air,”comes from Kobe, Japan”“based Hirotaka Shirotsubaki. It’s a nearly eight-minute drone with a loose, organic tonality. By “organic”is here meant that there are enough layered elements that the texture is ever changing, the effort throughout evident in a micro-scale level of detail, all tiny, incremental shifts and alterations. At a more macro level, the piece is a sequence of tufts and and flares, billowy, morphing waves and sharp, piercing grace notes. It’s a highlight of the album Étude 1, available for free download from Bandcamp, which is a four-song split between Shirotsubaki and his fellow Japanese electronic musician Sleepland:

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/infection. More from Shirotsubaki at hshirptsubaki.bandcamp.com and twitter.com/tubakihiroki. More from Sleepland at soundcloud.com/sleepland and sleepland.bandcamp.com. (Found via a repost by Mexico-based Autumn Clouds, soundcloud.com/autumnclouds.)

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