In Search of Bulgarian Industrial Techno

Thanks to a "Careful Mirage"

Evitceles’ expertly constructed “Careful Mirage”got an extra dose of exposure thanks to its appearance on the SoundCloud feed of Data Transmission. The well-followed dance-music site tracked down Evitceles, who is based in Bulgaria, for comment, and the musician comfortably likened the work to that of a prominent musician who traffics in stylish, consummate, suffocating industrial techno: “The influence obviously comes from Andy Stott’s work, I always liked his layered bass and the floating vocals. I really like sub-basses that hit you hard,”the quote goes. The piece is a dense churn of mechanical intrigue. As the musician himself states, it’s enlivened by these vocals that neither impose themselves on the goings-on, nor get lost in the digital proceedings. If there’s a club that regularly plays this, I want a visit, even if it means traveling all the way to Bulgaria.

Track originally posted for free download at Found via a repost by Evitcele’s own account, More at,, and

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