A Drone Primer

The Bell Mechanical’s “Dystorphia”

The dense, fluid, constantly shifting tone of the Bell Mechanical’s “Dystorphia”is sort of a drone primer. It has the expected white noise frission of something that is defined as a drone, yet were you to drop the (proverbial) needle at any random points the wide variety of sounds comprising the track would become immediately evident. It feels singular, but on repeat listens reveals multiple layers of activity: clouds and pulses and momentary signals. And it presents itself as static, and yet it has, in fact, an internal combustion that is quite active, even rapid. The track highlights numerous ways in which seeming stasis is anything but still.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com. More from the Bell Mechanical, based in Salem, Massachusetts, at thebellmechanical.bandcamp.com and twitter.com/the_mjl.

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