VW: Listeners Wanted

The stylish folks at Volkswagen haven’t yet managed to put together a CD of all the wise song choices that enliven their commercials, but they have made one of the finest among them available for free at their web site. An archive page (at www3.vw.com) houses a list of many of the latest VW commercials, including music by Charles Mingus, Stereolab and Spiritualized.

But the real reason to check out this site is the opportunity to download a one-minute MP3, WAV or AIF file of “Jung at Heart,” the backing music to the much talked about Jetta commercial in which a pair of New Orleans tourists discover an entire street life attuned to the pulse of their car’s tape deck. The song is attributed to Master Cylinder.

Also available here: Hector Varela’s “Palomita Blanca,” from the Passat commercial in which two parents flirt from matching black cars.

Listeners wanted.

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