Amon Tobin Heads Way Out

Amon Tobin‘s forthcoming album, Out from Out Where, due out October 15, is his fourth full-length under his own name (and his fifth full-length in all, assuming you count Adventures in Foam, which he recorded under the name Cujo). In any case, the new record distinguishes itself with a variety of tracks, including “Verbal,” a masterful vocal cut-up in the form of an abstract and entirely incomprehensible rap, and “Rosies” and “Hey Blondie,” a pair of downtempo tunes laced with psychedelic pop. “Verbal” will be available a month earlier as a single, complete with an a cappella version. Most of the tracks segue from one to another, making for a long-form listen, something Tobin has eschewed in the past for the most part, in favor of a more singles-oriented format. Also cementing the album as a long-form experience, he occasionally lifts an element from one song and embeds it in another (for example, the guitar from the opening track, “Back from Space,” shows up two tracks later, on “Chronic Tronic”). The strongest Tobin trademark — i.e., percussion from his native Brazil — is not pronounced on this album, but he does reportedly draw from a number of Bollywood film soundtracks.

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