Danceable Mix, with Footnotes

Scion (aka Rene Lowe and Pete Kuschnereit) was given the enviable task of taking music from the back catalog of the Basic Channel record label, which specializes in bare-minimal techno, rarely more than a thudding distant beat pounding below a single gauzy sound, and turning it into an album-length mix. The result is a nine-track, nearly hour-long continuous listen with the self-explanatory title Arrange and Process Basic Channel Tracks (Tresor). None of the songs here features fewer than two different sound sources, one has as many as five, and all are listed with the original catalog numbers — i.e., “part 02 w/ material from cyrus: presence (BC-05 / BCD), q1.2 (BCD), ‘remake’ basic reshape (PEPCP 2 / BCD), radiance I (BC-08 / BCD), quadrant: infinition (PEQDT 1)” — like so many academic citations. The result is a transcendent ride, dark and trenchant, taut and firmly grooved.

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