Site Update / F.A.Q., RSS

(1) now has an F.A.Q., or list of answers to “frequently asked questions,” such as “Can I send you music for review consideration?” (No. 4) and “Where does name ‘Disquiet’ come from?” (No. 6).

(2) now produces its own RSS feed that lists major additions to the site. If you don’t know what an RSS feed is, check out … the F.A.Q. If you’re aware of good RSS feeds regarding ambient/electronic, send ’em in (via the contact page), because a collection of them would make a good addition to the site’s Elsewhere link repository. Here’s one excellent example: a programmer named Adam Wendt has produced an RSS feed that tracks additions to, the online electronic-music discography, which is approaching its 200,000th entry, courtesy of almost 9,000 volunteer contributors. You just sit back, and watch the new entries shuffle by. (Here’s Wendt’s blog homepage, which has not been updated recently.) Another example: the zine Electronic Music World features a newsfeed with headlines from various websites, via RSS.

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