Polish MP3

For inclusion in Disquiet’s Downstream department, the Polish label Vivo has graciously uploaded two full-length MP3 tracks, one from each of its two most recent albums. “Daygan” is the first track on Amir Baghiri‘s new album, Yalda, and it’s something of an overture for the full recording, which is a trance-like amalgam of Middle Eastern percussion and atmosphere (information here: vivo.pl/amirbaghiri; track here). This particular track is more driving, more visceral, than others on Yalda, but there are tastes (drops of water, distant wails) of the gauze-like musical elements that have their own moments in the sun on the full-length recording. And the track “Zenzo” comes from the Zenial – Reworked album, a record that features remixes of music by Zenial (courtesy of KK Null and Zbigniew Karkowski, among others), and new works by Zenial himself (information here: vivo.pl/zenial; track here). This is an unremixed work, a slowly swelling piece featuring an eerily nattering vocal sample and a sonic halo of anxiety. Special thanks to label owner Janusz Leszczyñski, who runs Vivo from the city of Zambrow. (For more on Vivo Records, see the current issue of e|i magazine — ei-mag.com –  for which I wrote an overview of the label. The article is reprinted on the Vivo site, here.)

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