Venezuelan Glitch MP3s

The online label Microbio’s ( latest release provides not only free MP3 files, recorded at a high level of data integrity (224kbps), but also a nifty free CD sleeve, in color, ready to be downloaded and printed (in the common AdobeAcrobat PDF file format). Even if the listener doesn’t choose to print the image, many MP3 players (hardware and soft) include the option to catalog an album cover right along with the music files. The latest Microbio release is Conjunto, a three-track EP credited to Mendigo, born Renzo Peressi, a Venezuela-based musician who also records as UVA, Poloto and Krotos. The EP’s individual tracks explore what’s generally referred to as “glitch” music — sounds that are mere microsonic irritants. The music involves melodies that are less suggested by the musician than they are inferred by the listener’s brain, which is striving to make sense of the organized flow of barely disguised static. He uses those steady beats to chart a course through a thick sonic undergrowth (the metaphor would be apt even without the record label’s life-sciences moniker, or the little biographical tidbit of Peressi’s having lived in an Andes mountain town, Mérida). It’s a deep aural atmosphere constructed entirely of buzzes and hums, rings and whirs, the overheard chattering classes of some unseen bug world underfoot. Much of the music has a palpable high-wire tension to it, though as a soundtrack it would best serve activities filmed at a cellular level, as blood clots or amoebas cleave themselves. Soon after the start of the title track, he breaks away from the haze for an extended bit of percussive play, the little beats like highly receptive, and cautious, antennae. The album, Microbio’s 12th so far, is located on the site’s “releases” page (here). Further information on Peressi is available on his Poloto page (here).

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