Catalonian MP3

Like clockwork, a new month brings a new archival treat from Keith Fullerton Whitman, aka Hrvatski. And speaking of clocks, this new MP3 is described by Whitman as “a field recording of the hourly bell procession in barcelona’s pla?a catalunya, later turned into a minor minimalist epic … via custom aleatoric attack-sensing band-pass filtering and special reverb algorithms. chilled.” It’s an expert application of digital processing to found sound (file here), the bells treated until they ring with a distinctly digital kind of mechanization, but also at times sounding as if in the distance. At seven and a half minutes, the track has more than enough time to develop. Check it out currently on his homepage, at Oh, and as with his previous download (October 17 Downstream, here), this MP3 file’s genre tag in set to “Awesome.”

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