Deadfire MP3s

K.M. Krebs sounds like a scientific measurement, but in fact it’s the name of a prolific musician who uses field recordings extensively in the production of ambient music. Krebs also records under the moniker 833-45, whose latest release is Deadfire, a free five-track MP3 EP available from a “netaudio” label called 2063music (album here; label here). The tracks on Deadfire include variations on white noise, from the caustic (“A Facade of Thorns”) to the rhythmic (“White Phasing Pulse”) to the downright environmental (“Scatted Mod”). An entry titled “Wraith” introduces drum patterns that are the most “musical” element here, especially when they’re set against what appear to be diffuse CB radio broadcasts. Those distant voices also pervade “Call Tone B,” which is particularly memorable for how it switches gears two thirds of the way through, moving quite suddenly from a natural sound (birds, perhaps) to a technological one (the “call tone” of its title).

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