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Straiph is the pseudonym of Stu Wilson, a musician who lives in Scotland and focuses on, in his own words, “conceptual sound-works consisting [of] abstract multi-layerd disjointed nonsensical stuff” (sic). Fisk Industries is the pseudonym of Mat Ranson, based in London, who just released his debut album, The Isle of Wight EP, on Highpoint Lowlife Records. is Highpoint’s sister label, a highly dependable online concern specializing in free MP3 downloads of experimental electronic music, and among its most recent batch of releases is a Fisk remix of a Straiph tune. Straiph’s original, “Barry No Be Long” (here), is a brief vocal cutup (under two minutes) with the sort of wobbly, looping undercurrent that generally accompanies film scenes depicting mounting mental incapacity, only to erupt into a hard bit of industrial pop. The edit, “Barry Will Be long (Fisk Industries remix)” (here), stretches the track to some three times its initial length, milking those voices for all their haunting content, and discarding with the first version’s headphone-shredding static in favor something more soothing, more clubby. More on Straiph here. More on Fisk here. And be sure to visit

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