Live Hrvatski MP3

Keith Fullerton Whitman (aka Hrvatski) went to Japan and all we got was a free half-hour live recording in the form of a stereo MP3 file. Come to think of it, that’s not a bad deal. Recently uploaded to the musician’s website,, is an “experimental session” (his phrase, and the title of the file) recorded in mid-December of last year in Tokyo at the Warszawa performance space. It’s a “whisper to a scream” scenario — well, a “whisper to a scream to a moan” scenario — starting as it does with snatches of circuit-sound, latitudinal guitar figures, and placid tonal elements, and proceeding to a hectic whirligig, a brilliant burst of volume and density that occurs about halfway through, only to simmer down to a syrupy blur of distortion.

Whitman describes the recording, in his characteristic third-person, on the website as follows: “using only his compu-trog 6000 model a/d converter and a borrowed semi-acoustic telecaster with bad grounding problems (there’s a rough bubbly bit in the middle there where the pitch-sensing algorithms simply wouldn’t track anything other than 50/60 cycle hum), keith-hrvatski yielded heretofore unknown worlds of wonder and delight for the 4 or 5 people that showed up. … now available to a slightly larger audience… slightly.” The free download has been made available to coincide with the commercial release of his latest album, Antithesis, a set of four archival recordings. Get the Tokyo file directly here.

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