Guit-tronic Pop MP3

The Ipagos track “Lets Go Rodeo v3” (sic), the most recent free download on the kracfive collective’s website, begins with what sounds simply like a fun, computer-generated, rapid-fire jumble of pixelized percussion. But as it progresses, a similar theme — a burst of melody that won’t be easily excised from your memory bank — is played on guitar, and maybe a ukulele, and you realize that what sounded computer-generated was, far more likely, the strummed part filtered and tweaked into a digital simulacrum. Once that cause and effect is apparent, Ipagos layers the opposing elements, setting some slide work against a hopped up drum’n’bass figure, as cartoony as anything Carl Stalling ever penned. At just over two and a half minutes, the whole thing is utterly delectable. Oh, and if the break sounds familiar, you might try singing George Michael’s “Faith.” Check it out in the “MP3 Rotor” section of

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