Treated Piano MP3s

If the pastel clouds of Harold Budd and La Monte Young strike your fancy, then float over to the Electronical netlabel for the Piano Versions. Credited to Twocker, its five tracks of minimally — strike that, minimalismistically — enhanced and filtered acoustic piano are caught in an interesting limbo between sound experiments and composition. Chords are announced, and then allowed to fade away, perhaps to be echoed into an otherworldly state; tones are extended until they sound more like breathy church organs on the verge of exhaustion. Twocker aptly describes one track as “a five chord loop treated to a massive amount of short delay times” and another as “a massive chord stab put through a single frequency band.” According to a July post on the site, Electronical had been AWOL for some eight months, due to technical problems. But it’s back, along with it Piano Versions, the label’s 12th and most recent release. Download the album here and visit Electronical at

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