Three Remix MP3 Pairs

What distinguishes “Distorted Vision (Elmar Remix 2)” from the five other tracks on Elmar’s recent set of kAzooo techno remixes (the typ 2×3 EP, free from the Acedia Music netlabel)? Whereas all the others pretty much start off with stark and interesting musical snippets — the sonar funk of “Comaforce (Elmar Remix 2),” the remote techno thrombosis of both versions of “7 Days” — and subsequently thicken into weekend party music, albeit a fairly dark variety thereof, this sole track has the fortitude to keep it simple: beats that run at splintering cross purposes, fluid echoes in the distance, an occasional taste of dub. The other take on “Distorted Vision” (“Elmar Remix 1”) is a close runner up, warping its prominent bass line in a unique manner, and taking the odd commercial break for toy-piano tinkling. By contrast, the two huffy versions of “Comaforce” and “7 Days,” for all their post-production torque, smell vaguely of stale beer after a while. Download “Distorted Vision (Elmar Remix 2)” directly, here. Or visit, also home to several kAzooo releases, for the full set.

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