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“Mine Is In Yours” is not the best song ever recorded by Mouse on Mars. Long gone, apparently, are the days of the group’s production-music youth, when the team of Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma wrote elevator music for exotic shopping malls of the future on albums like Iaora Tahiti. No, the group has long since embraced proper songs, its lyrics processed through effects that serve primarily as an affectionate vestige of its halcyon, purely synthetic origin. The song is, however, a good opportunity to make note of, the music wing of CNet’s download service, in which the “Electronic & Dance” category has myriad subsets (as of this typing, in alphabetical order: Acid, Ambient, Big Beats, Breakbeat/Breaks, Club/Dance, Dance, Dance-Pop, Deep House, Down Tempo, Drum N’Bass, Electro, Electronica, Euro-Dance, Experimental, Freestyle, Gabber, Game Soundtracks, Garage/House, Goa, Happy Hardcore, Hard House, Hard Trance, Hi-NRG, House, IDM, Industrial-Electronic, Intelligent Techno, Latin Dance, Minimal, Noise, Progressive/Dream, Techno, Teen Pop, Trance, Urban, Vocal House). The Mouse on Mars song file, the lead track off the recent Radical Connector album, is housed on the band’s home on the site, here, filed generously under “Experimental.” More on the group at

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