Field Music MP3

The Field Muzick record label has produced two CDs thus far, the first of which, Music Out of Open Windows, collected 10 acts working along a single theme: “field recordings mixed with music / vice versa.” Among the album’s artists were Andrea Marutti, Fragmatist (aka Ryuta Noguchi) and Dronaement, the latter of whom also created the label’s second release, My Open Window. In any case, to supplement the first release, one of its artists, Sebastien Roux, posted two files on the Field Muzick site, one a delectably fragile mix that lives up to the album’s billing, a light mesh of real-world sounds and haze-level synthesized audio. The other is a deep, nearly subaudible drone with an occasional beat like the pulse of a sloth deep in hibernation. Label website at, Music Out of Open Windows page here. (There’s also a streambox on the Field Muzick site, here, that plays a couple of minutes of each Open Windows track.)

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