Geneva Lounge MP3

Now, as loaded words go, “chic” is a tough one with which to to burden yourself. If you fall short, it’s self evident. And if you achieve your goal — well, then you’re chic. Now what? So, don’t hold the netlabel’s name against it. For one thing, the organization is based in Zurich (maybe “chic” means something different there). For another, it doesn’t skimp on the downloads. Just head over and download the label’s latest, the five-track Detour EP, by D’Incise, a Geneva-based solo artist whose music plays like an underwater lounge. The opening track, “Ombre et Soleil a St. Chartier,” is probably the keeper of the set, especially for how it exemplifies the ways that bistro techno and abstract microsound share a habitable bit of common ground. But is it chic? Who’s to say?

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