Another Noisejihad MP3

Following up yesterday’s introduction to the Noisejihad Live! netlabel, here’s another recommendation. In brief, don’t be scared off by the site’s thus far longest and largest track, a nearly hour-long opus by Danny Kreutzfeldt. His entry appears on the label’s second release, dated February 19, 2005, and shares its virtual space with the group Ryfylke. The track starts off quiet, and takes its time before breaking that spell. First comes a thick layer of moist haze, then reflected beats that bring to mind dub, though only by association. This is much more the echo of a dank cave than of a Caribbean sound system. The only arguably weak moment is a brief section where the sound is evidently sourced from heavy breathing, which contributes a literal blemish to an otherwise ambiguous whole. The closing section sounds more like dawn than dusk, coming to life with a bright, creaking spaciousness — the image of the sun rising registers with a music that came of age in the clubs, not the concert hall. Check it out at (Kreutzfeldt was mentioned in a previous Downstream entry, for his soundscape contribution to the Stadtgruenlabel’s Janus [here]).

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