March One-Minute Vacation MP3s

The past month has been a particularly fine one for entries in Aaron Ximm‘s One-Minute Vacation series, which collects 60-second field recordings from volunteer contributors around the world. March 7’s, courtesy of Anders Ostberg, opens with a high whistle, courtesy of a steam engine demonstration at a museum in Eskilstuna, Sweden. March 14: an Alameda, Calif., joint with some two dozen classic pinball machines, and a classic-pop background soundtrack to boot, recorded by John Tenney. For March 21’s entry, Ben Owen taped the mechanical sound of rain beating down on his New York apartment. And March 28: the sounds of Australian ski slopes, heard from above in a chair lift, complete with the rustle of wind and the call of distant voices, recorded by Ben Dixon. Check ’em out at

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