Dreamy Kettel MP3

A fine match for yesterday’s material by Eluvium is this month’s “MP3 Rotor” entry at kracfive.com, a syrupy run of undulating ambience by Kettel, one of kracfive collective’s mainstays. Well, it begins in the dreamy thick of aquatic haze, but prior to the two-minute point it dives deeper down, with cinematic breadth, to achieve what James Cameron’s Aliens of the Deep might have sounded like had it been rated R. And then the piece, titled “Pellegrin,” heads high; this may be an imposed narrative on the listener’s part, but there it seems to make a transition from water breaking, as if over the hull of a ship, to birdsong, to heavenly voices. Again, this is all imagined referentiality, but it says something about “Pellegrin” that it can suggest so much, in about six minutes.

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