Three Eluvium MP3s

Over in the MP3 section at, there’s a transcendent piece by Eluvium (aka Matthew Cooper), “New Animals from the Air (edit),” which pitches soft balls of melodic loops, one atop another, until they build to higher and higher peaks, reminiscent of 4AD Records stalwarts the Cocteau Twins, though never getting as close to song form as that group was wont to do. More info at website of the Brooklyn-based label that released the full-length version,, and at Eluvium/Cooper’s site,, which houses two additional MP3s: the lush, if peculiarly detuned, “Under the Water It Glowed” and the deceptively rudimentary piano piece “Genius and the Thieves,” which sounds like Rufus Wainwright playing a Harold Budd cover.

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