Ansiform MP3s

If the proliferating mass of names that make electronic music so difficult to keep up with has got you down, then here’s a netabel worth visiting: Ansiform, at Why? Well, besides the fact that it posts fine ambient-leaning music (its mission statement reads: “unobtrusive, beatless, finely textured, and stable”), such as the elegantly rote “I Know Nothing” and the soft synth tones of “Fluids” and the horrorshow spookiness of “Slowly Fill My Eyes,” not to mention the light emphasis on naturalist elements, such as the apparent flock of birds on “Three to Six Months, Tops,” and the background noise that opens “Artroom”… yeah, well, besides all that, the label posts all these files anonymously. If you don’t know who the artists are, it’s one less thing to lose in your memory bank. This brief notice is just an initial pass on these fine tracks. More details to follow.

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