Jet Black Crayon MP3

The database at can be confusing, especially if you want to know what’s “current.” By all initial appearances, the entry, for example, on the group Jet Black Crayon aligns with no temporal axis. We know the title of the song is “The Mentalist.” We know the artists, as JBC teams downtempo (and skateboarding) figure Tommy Guerrero with Gadget and Monte Vallier. We know the genre, which is helpfully defined here as the following spelunking expedition through sub-subcategories: Music >> Alternative/Punk >> Indie Rock >> Post-Rock. That about nails it, as the four-minute piece is a melodica-tinged, bass-riding lull-a-thon, like Tortoise slow-jamming an Astor Piazzolla cover just before dawn. To figure out when, exactly, this track was uploaded, it turns out you have to click on “Expand” for that entry (or “Expand All” for the available songs, though this is the only one for JBC to date). It was back in April of last year. There you go, some user-interface tips, along with a recommended download. Check it out at More info at the band’s label’s website, at

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