Amazon + RSS = MP3s

There’s a handy RSS feed (link) that alerts you to what free music downloads have been added to Amid unfamiliar names in the past week or so is one that’s a fairly regular subject of Disquiet Downstreams: Greg Davis, whose “Curling Pond Woods” (link) is a bit of low-key folk whimsy, guitar and piano amid field recordings of antic birdsong. At least that’s how this suite, all of six and a half minutes in length, begins, before rising in a digital approximation of orchestral grandeur, and adding a sour synth line and a sturdy backbeat. It’s the title track of his great album of last year, from Carpark Records. Also available, and from Curling Pond Woods, is “Brocade (Rewoven)” (MP3), an experiment in phase-shifting acoustic guitar that comes across like some long-awaited collaboration between Robert Fripp and Steve Reich.

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