Kettel Keys’n’Beats MP3

When is a light bit of studio-concocted radio funk-jazz more than that? Well, when it opens with a lo-fi heavenly choir, only to cut off the beatific vocalists unceremoniously. And when it shuffles by with a digital beat that, despite a steady stream of Herbie Hancock-style keyboard parts, can’t take three steps in a row without shifting about peculiarly, as if it’s continuously rethinking its metrical allegiances. And when it takes those Hancock-isms and layers them one or two, maybe three, deeper than he’s likely to venture. What is this confection? The latest entry from the collective’s monthly MP3 rotor: “One Foggy Ear” (MP3), credited to Kettel. The kracfive site, by the way, was recently re-designed and streamlined.

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