Open Source Beastie Boys MP3s

Rap trio the Beastie Boys are posting MP3s of a cappellas from their back catalog, one a week on Fridays for the foreseeable future, and inviting the world to remix ’em. The entries so far are heavily weighted toward their most recent full-length, To the 5 Boroughs (“Right Right Now Now,” “Ch-Check It Out,” “3 the Hard Way,” “Crawlspace,” “Rhyme the Rhyme Well,” “Triple Trouble,” “An Open Letter to NYC” and “Oh Word?”) but also include “Root Down,” off Ill Communication, and the lesser-known “Alive” and “Brr Stick ‘Em.” There’s a forum set up where the user-submitted remixes are being posted, among the highlights a chaotic drum’n’bass take (MP3) that’s nearly seven minutes long. Join the fun at (Initial news via of

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