Untitled Studies MP3s

“Poroes,” which closes Miyazaki Shintaro‘s three-piece Untitled Studies, sounds a bit like a string ensemble fiddling away the dark hours in some remote locale as a storm approaches. What else could explain the brief spells of mournful playing, the rough static of poor failing technology, and the occasional watery slurps. In one of the most concise liner notes ever, the releasing netlabel, adozen.org, describes the album, in full, as follows: “3 self-defined ‘pragmatic electroacoustica’ live improvisations (powerbook + gamepad).” The other two tracks are “Nikolaiviertel,” a swell of distant waves introduced and followed by extended silence, and “Fadheit,” a series of meticulous little ruptured effects. Released earlier this month, Untitled Studies is the fourth adozen recording, and it is available at two compression levels: 128Kbps and twice that. More on Shintaro at netzknoten.net.

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