Noisejihad Live MP3

Tis the season for many things, but as the year winds down, the noisemongers at the Noisejihad Live netlabel certainly don’t have good cheer on their minds. The latest entry is a half hour of tentative dissonances by Eske Norholm of Denmark (MP3), caught on tape as the middle act on a bill that also featured Satanicponocultshop and Hiphopminuttet. As Noisejihad releases go, Norholm’s set is downright sedate, with none of the death-metal or industrial overtones of much of the label’s previous downloads. It opens with processed samples, futzed-with piano lines, before venturing into something formless and eerie, the gurgle of sublimated signals and the rudiments of raw found sound. Norholm has an instinct for narrative, as the piece moves ahead without resorting to overt drama or tense mood shifts. More info at

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