Free Tibet MP3s

No, not Milarepa Free Tibet, but free sounds of Tibetan singing bowls (and balloons and other odd sound sources), as well as resulting remixes. Bit of a scare today when a routine stop by came up with the sort of dead space that usually signals the end of a government grant or, worse, the midpoint of a natural disaster. But the Freesound site’s back up, with mention of the anticipated outage (“Due to a powercut freesound will be down”), and plenty of new communal remixes in the site’s Remix! Tree section (link), among them the before and after of a thrummed ballon (“Globo 01.wav,” MP3) with its channels subsequently set to rapidly crossfade (“Globo 02.wav,” MP3), and (among the best entries yet in this ongoing project) a Tibetan singing bowl struck once with a wooden mallet (“bowlHTc.aiff,” MP3) and then compressed to eerie effect (“bowlFlat.aiff,” MP3). The two balloon entries are by a contributor who goes by the handle pixt, and the Tibetan bowls are by a hanstimm. The initial entry in the Tibetan pair needs to be checked out if only to look at the accompanying waveform screen image, which is elegant and visually appealing where so many of the uploaded sounds are evidently chaotic and irregular.

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