Loscil Drone MP3 Album

Vancouver, Canada-based Scott Morgan, who records as Loscil, has uploaded a dozen stunningly beautiful drones and drone extractions to the netlabel known simply as One (one.dot9.ca), under the general heading stases. Some of the tracks, like “biced” (MP3), have a slight pulse that suggests they might veer into minimal techno, though they never do. Others, like “micro hydro” (MP3), are too vibrant, too ecstatic, to really be called drones, and bring to mind the otherworldly noodlings of Louis and Bebe Baron. The best, like the elegant opening cut, “cotom” (MP3), are so refined that you’ll just want to loop ’em forever. Loscil is best known for his albums on Kranky, the latest of which is due out in May. More info at loscil.com.

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