Minimalist Dreamtime MP3s

The blank white background, the text-only interface, a font seemingly better suited to character-recognition software than to the human eye … the website of the Complementary Distribution netlabel is as minimal as, perhaps even more so than, the music it hosts. And then there’s the liner notes, which are rarely more than a few words, less notes than koans. For the new four-track release by DIA, titled simply cod008 (this is the label’s eighth set), we’re informed, “Notes: Dream them.” Well, OK then. The opening entry, “Live at Home 4” (MP3), is a tense nightmare of black ops over the next hill, all muffled rotors leading to something shy of actual resolution. “Resad” (MP3) taps into fears of miscommunication, chopping up words and distending them to an edgy yet narcotic effect. “Elated” (MP3), despite the upbeat title, is the sound of one of those eerily people-less dreams, wandering about a factory site as the sun slowly rises. As for “Too Late” (MP3), it’s the most ambiguous of the batch, a chamber work of soft signals left to waver on their own. More info at

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