Sonic Construct MP3 Set

Another release from Term, the free-MP3 sublabel of 12k, run by Taylor Deupree. The lag since the previous Term release, which was the subject of the March 20 Disquiet Downstream (link), may be Term’s shortest yet. Perhaps these gorgeously frail sound objects will become a more regular occurrence than they have been in the past. If not, at least the latest, a three-track set by Jodi Cave, is worth lingering over. It’s titled Absent.

Each track has the same contradiction at its core: music that might mistakenly be taken as lush is, in fact, comprised of prickly constituent parts. “Absent / Walking Backwards” (MP3) develops into a gauzy blanket, but the initial material is all tiny splinters of string instruments. (Cave credits the pre-processed material to a jam session with Sam Freeman and Sin Yi Law.) “Rara Avis” (MP3) could be a cow with wooden teeth munching its way through the day, but those rough scraping noises are eventually eased by a bed of gentle tones that might emanate from a child’s bedside mobile.

The least singular, which is to say most rangy, of the three pieces is “A Remix for Sawako,” Sawako being a Japanese solo musician currently in grad school in Manhattan, and who’s released music on 12k, and/OAR and other labels. Cave takes material from Sawako’s Ombinus EP, released on the Community Library label last fall, that album itself having been a collage of sounds lifted from Polmo Polpo, Tu’m, Yuichiro Fujimoto and others, according to the Community website ( The game of sound-provenance telephone results in a matrix of small nuggets, clicks, clacks, rings, winding percussion, brushed surfaces and more. Think of the combination, rotating in free space, as an adult’s mobile. More info at More info on Sawako at

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